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Belt Bags, Bum Bags, Fanny Packs, Banana Bags – Call Them What You Will, They’re Gen Z’s Wardrobe Heroes!

by Dharma Originals on Jun 10, 2024

Belt Bags, Bum Bags, Fanny Packs, Banana Bags – Call Them What You Will, They’re Gen Z’s Wardrobe Heroes!

Fanny packs were all the rage in the vibrant 80s. Hikers, cyclists, and equestrians loved their convenient, hands-free design, but the real fans were concertgoers who needed something lightweight and theft-proof for those epic nights out. It also helped that they started calling them Belt Bags and the word Fanny was touched with a barge pole.

By the time The Rock – yes, Dwayne Johnson himself – rocked one with a black turtleneck, the trend was on its way out. Fast forward to today, and these bags have made a major comeback after a two-decade nap, becoming a cult favorite among the youth, across all genders.

What’s behind this revival? Street fashion and casual dressing have taken center stage, especially with the global pandemic pushing us into cozy, work-from-home, athleisure fashion. Celebrities and influencers flaunt their Belt bags on social media, and Gen Z is all about that influencer-inspired style. Plus, hip hop culture and street style going mainstream gave these bags a big visibility boost.

Gen Z loves these low-key, sometimes low-hanging bags because they’re perfect for stashing essentials without the bulk of a backpack or handbag. These bags offer the perfect blend of style and function, with plenty of room for all their valuables.

Belt bags are the ultimate everyday carry. Available in every color under the sun, they’re super versatile – wear them across your chest, around your hips, or draped over your shoulder. Perfect for travel, gym sessions, or running daily errands.

Gender-neutral fashion is on-trend, and belt bags fit right in. Customizable in sizes and prints, they let you express your unique style. In today’s fashion scene, belt bags, fanny packs, or banana bags – whatever you call them – are must-have accessories for the dynamic and trendsetting youth. Their versatility, practicality, and ability to spice up any outfit continue to captivate young folks and even the older millennials.

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