About Dharma

The Law of Dharma

The Purpose in Life

Every individual is destined for their purpose in life… a unique gift or special talent that they can share with others. And when we are able to blend this unique talent with a service to all, we experience an exaltation of our own spirit, achieve the ultimate goal of all goals - creating and sharing joy.

At Dharma, we have partnered with a social enterprise that empowers women and children to achieve their true potential and live their lives with dignity. With every product that we create, we work towards our mission of uplifting urban women.

  1. Training them to develop a specific skill. 
  2. Providing direct or contractual employment through our production. 
  3. Providing micro financing to purchase necessary equipment 
  4. Providing a profit-share to the women so they are able to educate their children at free schools.

Products that are the soul

People who form the heart

With every product we create, we don’t just focus on improving the quality of the people involved at every step, but also on the quality of the product we create.

All our bags are made of 100% organic cotton canvas and are dyed with organic colours. The inner lining of the bag is hand block printed by our team of women, with organic dyes.

All the hardware used is OKEO-TEX YKK certified ensuring that our products are clean through and through. The uniform testing and certification system prohibits the use of certain substances and chemicals.

To give you nothing but the best

pure cotton is used in Dharma Originals

100% Organic Cotton

Organic Dyes are used in Dharma Originals

100% Organic Dyes

Zippers that are made to last

OKEO-TEK Standard YKK Hardwear

We do not use machine in block printing that gives each item a unique appearance

Hand Block Printed Lining